Quantitative Data Analysis for PHC4

This page contains materials relating to the quantitative data analyses of statewide hospital inpatient records as a service to the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council (PHC4), an independent state government agency supervised by Dr. Amy Wolaver (Economics, Co-Director, Bucknell Institute for Public Policy).

Overview of the projects

In this video, Dr. Wolaver describes the history and evolution of the quantitative service projects Bucknell students have conducted for the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council (PHC4).

Training and Supervising the Students Dr. Wolaver outlines the process she uses to help students learn to work with real world data.  Additional supporting materials are found by clicking on the Student Training Materials tab located under this page’s heading in the menu above.

The Challenges of These Projects

Some of the challenges of meeting both the community partner’s and the students’ needs are discussed in the following video.

 The Benefits of These Projects Dr. Wolaver concludes with a brief discussion of the benefits to the community, the students and to faculty in conducting these projects.

Click here to see student work from 2012, 2009 Diabetes report.

Links to sample student-produced maps:



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